[HIRING]Terraformer and Digger.

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  1. I would like to have an underground area in my res with the following biomes in it:
    • Plains
    • Forest/Jungle
    • Hills(With a river)
    • Ice spikes/Ice plains(OPTIONAL)

    I will not dig the area or supply materials.You do that with your pay.I'll pay extra if you add the optional biomes.
    Price can be negotiated in a PM.
  2. I can dig the areas for you?
  3. Ok,but I need it pretty deep,since I've got a lot near the surface.
  4. How many layers you need dug out?
  5. I need 5 18x18 rooms,3 18 high,and 2 24 high.
  6. I can do the terraforming. I terraformed technolgygeek-2 if you are wondering how well I can do the job.
  7. How much you willing to pay?
  8. I'm bad with prices,just tell me what you'd dig it out for.
  9. Okay,I need the areas dug first.
  10. Considering how much you need dug out, probably 12-15k. Considering you are not supplying, it would be at least 15k.
  11. I think I'll do it myself then.