Hiring Suppliers

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  1. If you are good at producing something, please send me a private message. ^.^
  2. Will you be paying suppliers more than the sell sign in your shop?
  3. For regular contracts, I'd select a rate I could guarantee over the long run (rises and falls of market prices). If there are items which you feel are underpriced, please let me know which items. All the items should capture the full range of reasonable buy/sell prices.
  4. Active member chain!
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  5. Hehe... this is funny, because I just saw someone on SMP9 wanting 200r for 15 grass blocks.
    Why don't I break that?
  6. lol we (smp3 outpost) could supply you with blaze rods/ blaze powder
  7. Yes WE :p
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  8. Hmmm....
    Well I can play a game...
  9. Why chu break teh chain!
  10. I can supply You with ender pearls! I have like 30 dc's. Pm me with offers!
  11. The main items I need are building blocks and supplies like (diamonds, gold, redstone, iron, coal).

    If anyone is hard working and can produce items like that, let me know please! It would be awesome to work with you.
  12. i can supply you with coal
  13. lol annother active member chain :3
  14. bringing back the Active member chain! :p
  15. I believe that this is know as....
    c-c-c-combo breaker!
  16. I hate them combo breakers, they always break my combos :( Starting to bring down my self-esteem. :'(