[Hiring] Stone generator

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  1. I need a stone generator built and it needs to be able to produce around 10-50 (or more)stone with a silk touch pick. I will provide all the materials that are needed if you tell me what is needed. I am willing to pay between 2.5k r to around 20k r and depending on how much stone the generator produces will depend on how much you will get paid. I would like it to be automatic and I will pay an extra charge for it to be so. I would like it to be in the center of the res. the res it would be built on is a restarted res on smp 1 on res 1003 owned by me. If you have any questions or want the job you can PM me here or in game on smp 1 or in this thread
  2. I can do it. Check mine out res 425
  3. how much materials/time etc would that take and how much can it produce
  4. I could build one it wouldn't be a massive one and it will take 5 min and its fastest producing I can make you it upto any amount so 1-whatever generators
  5. well i need about 12 Double chest of stone bricks and i want to do it in town so that way i dont risk losing the silk touch picks. that is why i need it to produce a lot
  6. Midnight does mine not work for you?
  7. No it works I'm just trying to figure out if there is a way where more can be produced
  8. oh. your friend said 3X3 was good...
  9. Hatter you just need like 2 stacks of pistons, like a 3 stacks of redstone and about 20 repeaters. I will get the res.
  10. thats a lot for 1 man.
  11. I've started using a four core stone generator. It's fast enough so that I was able to reduce my piston wall down to a 4x4 smart wall. It pumps blocks into the wall so fast I can barely keep up with it using and Efficiency IV pick.

    If of you are interested in building one or seeing it run let me know.
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  12. i would like to see it if possible
  13. I have a compact one, that produces ~70 stone per minute, and you don't need to wait for it, just keep the mining button pressed. If you want to check it, 4266 at smp2, and I can show you as soon as I get online.