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  1. So, I am remaking the Casino, and I need a stair expert to do the stairs, because I honestly can't. Any stairs would work really...
  2. Did you say; "stair master?"
  3. I whipped these up in a few minutes, not amazing (far, far from it) but I have no idea what you're looking for so I just decided to post screenshots instead. PM if you have some questions. :)



  4. If you are talking about the HP Casino on smp1, they were stone slabs and diamond blocks in a upward spiral from both sides. Build the floors with the circle cut out in the middle, then slowly work your way up the sides of inner circle. If i remember correctly when the sides come together again, thats when there was another floor. In addition, there was water streams coming down as a sort of way to guide the player...
  5. I'm doing that, I just can't figure out HOW. I'll get a screen of what I have..
  6. go to 12459 on SMP 6 and see my stairs lot of people like them
  7. what res are you on right now and i can come help
  8. ONe sec.

  9. you do have it world downloaded right? if its the slightest difference it wont be the same :(
  10. Not everyone can afford to make a casino like what once was but yankees is doing a great job of making his own design with inspiration from the original, like the stairs...I personally think thats the better way to go =D
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  11. I finished one set of stairs and left the materials in the chest. If you have any problem copying what i made on the other levels, let me know. And good luck!:)
  12. Thanks kry, and lot's of credit goes to eklektoi, he was the main designer, and I'll see how I can do, and if I need help, I'll give you call :)