[Hiring] Someone to remove ALOT of water.

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  1. Hiya all.

    I'm currently looking for someone to come out to the wild and remove ALOT of water from a section of ocean.

    I'm not sure what the going rate would be. However the section dimentions I am looking for are: 4x(96x32) about.

    I will provide all sand/sponges needed for the excursion.

    Please PM me with how much you'ld charge to do this and about how long it would take you.

    This job will not grant you access to what I'm building after it's all clear. It's just clearing water and then done and done.

    Thanks all! :)
  2. Interesting. I wish I too knew the going rate
  3. I've got a high budget so quote me a price you think it's worth doing.
  4. I'll also supply all the food you can eat (since in the frontier)
  5. Probably you need to remove water around ocean monument, right ? ;)
    I was using https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jool3w94xHQ
    It really removes water faster than it can be built/demontage.
    And it is fun ;) , I hope it helps.
  6. Yes and no. Temple is running and functional. Had 1st or 2nd running temple farm on EMC. I'm just absolutely sick of removing water and willing to pay someone... well, to do the rest of the 64 block radius. I has... plans for the rest of the space.
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