[Hiring] someone to help make my sugarcane farm

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  1. Hi EMC,
    I'm looking for some people to help me or just one it depends.
    The Jobs:
    Digging Holes for the buildings: 500r per hole (pm and I will give more info)
    (1 person) Building the actual sugarcane farms: negotiable
  2. Ill build it for you. As long as you supply the materials. And I don't need to be paid much as long as I can use the farm as much as I want. I will also dig the holes if you provide shovels!
  3. when you say use the farm as much as you want??? how much is that?
  4. Whenever I need sugarcane for something I can use it. You are getting a good deal here. Also, I can go afk with my alt to get a bunch of sugarcane
  5. I can do anything you want as long as you supply the supplies.
  6. I'll do it for free if I can use it when it is convient for you
  7. well I'm hoping for something that generates between 6-8 DC's a day at least
    Tori how much would you charge its 6-8 of that link in the description and holes fore them
  8. I'll do it all for free if you give me the supplies.
  9. ok I'm thinking of getting all the dirt removed first for 60k good idea?
  10. I'll remove it for you if you let me just use the farm. I'm guessing tori wants to use it as well
  11. I just pmed staff :/ how long would you be digging and building and how much sugarcane would you take?
  12. You know what never mind. I don't really want to do it for you as you are kinda being cheap. It's a lot of work for so little reward. Good luck tori
  13. well sorry I'm just a bit overwhelmed... but thanks anyway
  14. I don't care I don't need to use it :p