[HIRING] Someone to do a Pixel art of my HEAD!

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Do you pixel?

Poll closed Aug 1, 2015.
Yes 10 vote(s) 71.4%
No 4 vote(s) 28.6%
  1. I am looking for someone to do a pixel art of my head on this ground here!

    This land is a 28 x 28 land. And since this is a cube I want it to be 28 x 28 x 28 Head. No filled inside, just and empty and lighted inside. The floor will be above ground. I will be willing to do the following.

    -Supply the materials you may need. But you come handy with the list.
    -Give you a few days to finish the entirety of the thing
    -Half the ownership and leader of the renovation team
    -Paid 10K for the entire thing. Even though you will owe me.

    For those who didn't make the pick for making this you will part of the renovation team.

    Renovation Team:
    1 (leader): Jay2a
    2: ScrOcraft
    3: HelloKittyRo

    The renovation team will be paid 1K each for renovation when needed. So when they do renovation they will be paid 1K when finished.

    EDIT: I would also like to see pictures of your Pixel artwork. Please put it in a Conversation with me then I will make a list and use random.org to find out winner. Cheers :)

    RE: EDIT: The Builder will be chosen and revealed after the Poll is over. Cheers :) AGAIN!:)

    ANOTHER EDIT: I know how to use random.org! Yay! Anyway I need to put in numbers.

    1: Karatekitkat
    2: ScrOcraft
    3: Jay2a
    4: mustanglover25
    5: HelloKittyRo
    6: Evesthery
  2. I could do the pixel art of your head. Although it would have to be 24x24 because heads are 8x8.
  3. ???
  4. Owe me for me supplying you for building. you won't pay me though :)

  5. Wait for it...wait for it...
  6. I got bored and made an 8x8x9 (put the mask in front) version at my first res ("/v ScrOcraft sheep" then head towards the middle) as a proof of concept. I messed around with additional green clay colors but I couldn't get them to jive. *shrug*

    KarateKitKat may be able to do better though?

    It's gonna look crazy 3 times that big. ;)
  8. I'd like to apply. Although, as Karate said, there's no way to make the head proportional in that 28x28 area. It would have to be 24x24 or 32x32.
  9. Did I mention whoever has voted "yes" on the poll will be on the list? No? Well whoever voted must comment on this to be officially on the list. 10K for a nice job. BUMP!
  10. BUMP(last day to sign up!)
  11. I will do it but currently I am building some ting already but it will be finished soon so I can do it when it is done.
  12. ...so are you going to do MA HEAD?
  13. Wait.. I have to pixel art YOUR HEAD?
  14. So you will be on the list?
  15. Sure.
  16. Good night bump