[Hiring] Someone To Build A Tunnel

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  1. I am going quartz mining and would like to reach a far position in the wasteland safely by horse. This means I need a lit tunnel which is 3 wide and 5 high. The length will be 1,000 blocks.

    The entrance should be not immediately obvious, however still readily accessible ~100 blocks from an outpost. It can be built on any one of the SMP worlds except SMP1 and SMP9, from any one of the outposts, heading towards the edge of the map.

    I am willing to pay 30k upon completion, which is 10r per block of distance. I can also provide as much dirt as needed for the construction and 9 stacks of torches.

    To summarize, the final tunnel should be:
    - Built in the wasteland of SMP2, SMP3, SMP4, SMP5, SMP6, SMP7, or SMP8.
    - Safe walking area is 3 blocks wide, 5 blocks high, 1,000 blocks in length.
    - Lit with torches so no mobs can spawn inside.
    - Completely sealed so no mobs can enter (except at either end).
    - Not immediately visible from the chosen outpost.
    - Within ~100 blocks of the chosen outpost.
    - Heading towards the edge of the wasteland map.

    If you are interested in completing this contract, please PM me. If you have any questions, please post them below.
  2. I have increased the price and cut the distance in half. Does nobody want to make extra money like this?
  3. I'd be willing to do it for you :D
  4. Great! I will award the contract to whoever is the first to get 30 blocks of the tunnel done satisfactorily according to the criteria above and message me about it including which SMP, which world (including overworld/nether), and the coordinates.

    Please read the criteria carefully and message if you have any questions.
  5. Sounds good. I'll start on it either tomorrow night or the night right after. I will post in here once I've started