[Hiring] Someone to build a semi-auto tree farm

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  1. I am hiring someone to build a semi-auto tree farm similar to this one. If you are interested in this job, answer the following questions by sending me a PM. Any applications that are put in this thread will be automatically denied. Filling out the application does not guarantee that you will be hired.

    How much do you charge?

    Who provides materials (me or you)?

    What experience do you have with redstone?

    Why should I trust you?

    Have you ever been banned or kicked on EMC? If so, why?
  2. I have got my own, compact design. I can show you if you want.
    I'll probide materials
    I am very experienced with redstone :p
    Because I have never griefed.
    I think the last question is irelevant.
  3. Please reread the OP
  4. Lol, I must of missed that bit :p
  5. Now isn't a good time for redstone machinery, I can guarantee you the Block-X glitch will overtake your pistons, thus wasting your hard earned rupees.
  6. Thanks for the info. I will wait until all of the bugs get fixed before I hire anyone.
  7. I just built one of these last month on my third res on smp4. I can open it up so whoever builds yours can look at it if needed.

    So it is 8272, and apparently someone who had res perms decided to run it yesterday or today. There went 120 sticky pistons...:(

    Edit: I just logged back on and all my glitched pistons were back, and my double piston door on my 2nd rez is back as well. :)
  8. Roblikescake had one of these, it was crazy effiicent.
  9. can u build one for me 2?
    can i see your version?