[Hiring] Someone to Build a Decent Wither Skeleton Farm

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  1. I'm looking for somebody that can build me a wither skeleton trap; or let me use theirs.

    -It must be on smp8 (if you're willing to sell me access to your already built farm, the server doesn't matter as long as it is not on utopia)
    -It must be a trap for wither skeletons as well as all the slabbing
    -It must filter out the pigmen, this means there must be some system that kills off all mobs that spawn in the trap besides the wither skeletons. The wither skeletons that spawn are then transported to a collection area for me to kill (one hit kill)

    Click here or PM me if you are willing to build this farm.
  2. I'd say you'll have a hard time getting one of these in any set price range...
    Slabbing is extremely tedious, and IMO, a pigman filter just isn't worth it.
  3. Well, I think it's easier when I only have withers coming down to me so I don't waste my hits on pigman..
  4. You can easily crush all mobs except W.S, but for a wither skeleton farm fully slabbed and everything you would be looking towards... well I cant even think of such a number....
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  5. Filtering out all the pigmen is easy. Just have a piston crusher at 2 blocks.
    Filtering out magma cubes may be tougher, but that's not the problem.
    The amount of slabbing needed requires either 70k+ in TNT and who know how much time, or an even longer amount of time to cover everything without explosives.
    Do hope you're paying 200k+ :p
  6. Well, what about partially slabbed?
  7. You could talk to Ironicswordplay about it. He has a farm building company.
    The thing is though, I have heard a wither skeleton farm only fits into a 16x16 area, and (I believe) the slabbing diameter is 256x256.
    Even if such a farm was built for you, expense including the pistons and kill zone, you would probably have to do the slabbing yourself as it is just so much.
    This really is why wither skulls are a whopping ~3k a piece and not much less. :p
  8. I'd be supplying materials so pistons is no issue.. I will contact ISP in a little bit though; thanks for info.
  9. The worst part is making sure that approximately 6.5 million block have no spawnable space.
    The actual farm part is cheap.
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  10. Im just going to warn you that myself and a few others wither farms have recently broke with a bukkit update, so be cautious if you're shelling out all this money that its a design that works.
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  11. I've been lucky. Both other wither skele farms I know of broke, but mine still works.
  12. Why such an exaggeration? It's only 65k blocks not millions lol
  13. How true.
  14. Height-wise as well, 65k is only if you were covering one y level.
    It does get into the millions.
  15. Yep, 126ish layers to worry about.
    Especially considering that nether fortresses rarely if ever spawn over an open lava lake...
    In the nether, about 40% of those blocks might be filled originally, which is on the order of 2 million blocks to remove. As far as surface area, it varies greatly.
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  16. Honestly I find slabbing being the easy part of the wither farm, lol, kinda relaxing.