Hiring somebody with GLSL Shadders mod!

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  1. Hey people!
    I am setting up a website for a friend's wild outpost called StoneGuard, on SMP9. I would like to add some really fancy screenshots, but sadly my computer can't run GLSL Shadders. If you use GLSL or Sonic Ether's Sahdders, I will pay 2,500r to come out and take a few screenshots, then email them to me :)
  2. I don't have them on right now, but I could put them on (I can run them fine) and come out to get some screenshots for you. When would you want me to come take them?
    EDIT: Got them on, so just let me know all of the details and specifications for the pictures. (Location of the base, Texture pack to use, etc.)
  3. If you could get on SMP9 at 4:00 PST, I could take you to stoneguard. It will only take about 20 mins :)
  4. Maybe 4:30, don't wanna miss the IcC event :p
  5. Shaders*
  6. really?
  7. If you still don't have someone then I can do it.
  8. Thank you but I hired Kadboy :)