[Hiring] Smelting some items

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  1. I'm currently hiring someone (that I deem to be trustworthy) to do quite the task:

    -Smelt 2 DCs of netherrack in a furnace and put the nether bricks (that you'll also be crafting into netherbrick (the block form) in half of a DC that I'll put an access sign on
    -Smelt a SC of sand in a furnace and put the glass you get into the other half of your access chest on my res

    If you are willing to smelt the above items and craft the bricks into blocks (you supply your own furnace fuel) I'll pay you a price that we can negotiate.

    If you're interested start a conversation with me! :)

    PS: It's not that hard, just setup a hopper system to do everything for you and you'll just have to put fuel in there every once in a while. Yeah it's pretty effortless and easy cash, but y'know.. I have other things to do :p
  2. Uh... maybe. But around how much would you be willing to pay?
  3. Start a conversation with me and we can discuss that :)
  4. you can automate this process entirely
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  5. Meh, don't feel like it xD

    I'd still have to use my own fuel for that, and I'd still have to craft everything.
  6. Also, the chests of items are NOT full. I've already done about 1/5 of the job, probably a little less.