[HIRING] Slimestone engineers

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  1. Title says all, if ya don't know what slimestone is then your not a slimestone engineer :)
    Very high pay
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  2. What kind of job do u need done ?
  3. I need someone to engineer slimestone for me =I
  4. ... What do u want made a launch pad or something elese
  5. I can do that and better :D do u want it to go up
  6. No, across
  7. Ok how much u paying
  8. 100k if it goes at 3.3 blocks a second or faster, and it has to be rideable
  9. I believe I can do it is there a size requirement
  10. hah that's awesome
  11. Not really
  12. Good I can do it
  13. Done, and included storage
  14. O-0 ? I got to ask but can u post a pick
  15. Considering how you're working for him too and I'd love the money, I'll wait until I talk to Builder about it. Sorry xD
  16. Ok just a question but at least how big is it