Hiring Skin Maker

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  1. Hey guys I need some1 to make me a pony skin. the skin needs to be similar to my current avatar. as in it needs a suit. PM me with a sample. in a week I will ask the person with the best sample to make me a skin. 1k prize. TY GUYS.
    scroll down to the skin spoiler to see the outlines for making a pony skin
    You will need a program that handles transparency. not MS paint
    Please use natural colors. an earth pony and no cutie mark
  2. I'll make it!
  3. Pm me with a sample of your work :)
  4. I know the dimensions. What pony do you want it based off of?
  5. an earth pony. no wings or nothing. if you read the whole skin spoiler on the link I gave you it will explain a bit more.
  6. Color? Cutie mark? Mane color? Etc.? I need that kind of info too.
  7. color. natural colors. like black or brown. doesn't matter just natural. no cutie mark. mane color should also be natural.
  8. <--- Sample of my work.

    I can do what you want. What's your request?
  9. all the info to make the pony is in the OP