[Hiring] Short price checking job | 5 employees | 2000r+/each

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  1. Hey guys. I'm hiring 6 people to each check a list of updated prices - from a Notepad doc - for my stores.

    The job should only take a few hours, you'll have 12/18 hours to do it and you'll be expected to:
    • Make sure no prices are WAY too high or WAY too low
    • Make sure no buy/sell/crafting scams are possible (I will explain if you're unsure)
    • Have a fairly good math brain, because I don't :p
    Once the list is completed it will be sent to everyone picked for the job and that's when you should get started. Everyone will be paid 2000r once the list has been checked and an additional 500r per error you find (if you find them first, you'll be paid first, but you need to post it in the PM to be credited).

    Note that if you do find an error and don't share it, only to use it once the prices are put into action, you'll be reported and (as this is illegal), dealt with by a moderator.

    Please let me know below if you're POSITIVE that you'd like to do this once the list is completed (people I have worked with before, are shop owners themselves, ect. will be priority picked). Feel free to ask if you have any questions. :)
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  2. I should be able to help out.
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  3. If you give me the list I might be able to figure out some errors, or some prices that might be too high etc, I don't need any pay, just to help out :)
  4. Thanks a lot! :) I'd probably still pay because it's a very tedious job, but I'll include you in the PM with Mba once I have it ready.
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  5. Sounds good :)
  6. i'd be happy to do it for you ;)
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  7. I'll do some for free.
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  8. To make it a bit easier on everyone, when I have the list compiled I will just assign specific sections to different people :)
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  9. May I help?
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  10. I can help if extra hand is needed. I'm good with math and wander all the servers looking at shops :)
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