[Hiring] Shoppers (5r/entry)

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  1. You're paid just to visit mall and shops!

    Up until now I've been updating my empire market site manually, but lately it's been falling heavily out of date because I've been bogged down with school and haven't had much time to update things myself. So now I'm outsourcing. :p

    If you haven't been to my site yet, check it out. it's a searchable directory of shops and malls. You type an item, and up come all the prices so you can find the best deal, or know how much an item is worth.

    Each shop/mall has a series of entries. Each entry includes the current buy and sell price for a specific item at a specific quantity. I have a large list of shops/malls which need to be updated, and you will get paid at my earliest convenience for each shop/mall that's up to date.

    Once you've submitted your application, I will contact you via PM to arrange a training time. Training should take about 30 minutes. Expected commitment is about 3 hours/week.

    If you are interested in helping out, drop me an application below or via PM:
    I expect to get to training in 1-2 weeks time. If you applied, I will contact you when I'm ready to schedule the time.
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  2. Hmm...
    What is the "training" :p
  3. Training includes:
    • The most efficient way to navigate a shop/mall and make sure you find everything.
    • How to submit entries into the site.
      • Regular submissions, buy only, sell only.
      • Quickly adding whole categories of items (such as wool or logs).
      • Adding items such as potions or enchanted items.
      • Dealing with special cases, including exchanges and multiple shops selling the same things in different places.
    It should take about 30 minutes.
  4. Cleaned up the thread
  5. I remember there being an autosorter on the site. Is that an option or will it be removed?
  6. It still works, but the coverage is pretty limited. To start with, I have a limited set of people feeding in rupee data, and most people just supply it one time and disappear so I don't have ongoing pricing information as regularly as prices change. There's also a big issue of people not wanting to provide their passwords, and staff are in fact barred from doing so. (EMC created that policy a few months ago, or so silken_thread told me. I believe staff are still allowed to use it using alts with different passwords. But still, AlexChance and silken_thread used to be among my most active users.)

    I started manually putting in a lot of information, but the problem is just the shear volume of shops. Active shop owners can majorly change section quantities, or redo their entire shop, both cases where the system tends to react very slowly. If the system doesn't have accurate timely information and people are easily able to find items for cheaper other ways, they stop using the site as their first source, and ultimately stop using it at all. This, in turn, is a fatal outcome.

    In addition, due to many times having trouble finding items in shops/malls, I'm planning to move into a system with additional information including what section an item is in. This type of information can't feasibly be provided from a rupee history. In order to expand the coverage to include every shop, and get the kind of information I want to have, some have to be added manually.
  7. My 2 cents: I will update info about my mall on your pages soon, i was planning to do it earlier, but time.. and will ... ;)
    I usually keep mall stocked and I do not change my prices often, this will be one major occasion.
  8. Most people haven't made any changes to their shops. There's just a few notable major shops and malls that have. The largest issue is a lot of new shops and malls which aren't on the site because I haven't had time to promote it to them or add them myself. Generally, adding them myself is usually the easiest way because shop owners tend to be busy people and it's very common for them to make promises to add their shop that end up not happening.

    One thing I had also considered is allowing users who supply information to have exclusive access to it for 2 weeks. In that period, they could take advantage of it before other users, making a rather tidy profit. This may be more effective than simply paying 5r/entry, and an easier solution to implement.
  9. I will soon be putting my shop into your site. :)
  10. Sorry to be blunt, but what is the pay?? (Love your work btw :3
  11. 5r/entry.

    An entry is a specific item at a specific quantity. If there's buy and sell, that's two entries.

    For example, my shop buys netherrack at 20r/stack, sells at 39r/stack, buys 10 stacks at 200r, sells 10 stacks at 389r. That's 4 entries and you make 20r for reporting those to the system.

    If you went through a whole floor of 20 different items, with each having two quantities and buy/sell prices, you'd make 400r for that report.

    I'm doing it based on the shop because having partial information on a particular shop is not very useful. So once you complete the whole shop then you get paid for all the entries.
  12. Thanks and I'm interested but probably don't have enough time at the moment, with school, job and sport all on the go
  13. I understand. Everyone is too busy. I suppose that the level of information on the site might just have to suffice for now until I can think of a better solution.