Hiring Semi Auto Tree Farm

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  1. I am hiring someone to build me a semi auto tree farm.
    I can supply everything if required!
    Please offer a quote.
  2. I could build one
  3. xxgtasaxx has one. Maybe he can help you.
  4. Ask Gremlindan, or Jaari.
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  5. Pm spann84x...He has one it works great!!
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  6. got a few different setups if needed.

    very highsetup and fast treefarm.

    75k minus supplies.
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  7. How big is urs...?
    Ill PM them! :D Thanks guys
  8. Ob1bob69 has the best one on EMC. You can flip a switch and you can make stone or oak trees.
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  9. sounds like a semi conjoined project..

    Try PT...
  10. Hey I might be able to make one.
    If you supply supplies i could make it for 3k?
    It would be like 20x11
  11. I think its 10x11 area of oak pillars.

    Can be(and works best when) used by two people at the same time, 1 for bonemeal and 1 for saplings..
  12. Check out mine on Utopia (/v Twitch1)
    Mine is a 12x12x6+/- :)
    It has BUD switches and you can still harvest the leaves for saplings, not the cleanest method but I am working to correct that issue :)
  13. can u make me one?
  14. Mine has, 11x11 woodfarm based on budswitches and instant moving pilars to increase fill-time.
    Autofarming leaves and puts them right back in your inventory.

    Takes 8min ish to fill and has a restart rate of 2 ticks between each tree spawned to avoid smp glitches and tickloose.

    Fast, secure, automatic and reliable.

    75k ex. mats.
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  15. Hmmm Im interested... Can I pay in like sections like 25k at a time?
  16. So whose is better? Kells18 or PT?
  17. There both the same. lol
  18. I suggest hiring either Kells18 or PTHagaard - they have much more complete systems and I am sure they can be expanded to 12x12 ;)