[Hiring] Residence Digger

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  1. I am currently in need of someone to dig out four layers of my utopia res for the purpose of future farms. A very small part of it has been started as a reference for whoever does the job, but it all needs to be done (the ladder to it can be found next to the wood shops at the spawn of the res).

    Paying: 14.5k to do the job (we can also negotiate if you would rather want promos, and if you're complaining about the price keep in mind that this is 1 rupee per block)!!
    What I'm supplying: 10 Diamond shovels, but no enchantments. It's up to you if you would prefer to put them on (10 shovels is more than enough to do the job).

    Please either PM me or reply if interested. In addition, it would be great if I could find a person who is also VERY experienced in redstone as well, as I said it's likely that I'll need someone to help build the farms that the dirt is being cleared out for.