[HIRING] Residence Digger

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  1. Job : Completely dig out my 60x60 residence
    Res : 2552 - SMP1
    Price : 15k
    When it needs to be done : You need to be done in 14 days

    Are you interested?

  2. i have always respect for the guys who do this ;)
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  3. just letting you know, the rate for a whole res is 30k. Im not interested just letting you know the rate.
  4. I have already found someone:D
  5. I could help only for 1k?
  6. You can help jtc0999 ;)
  7. I will, but I just got a job from ninjaboy5656 to dig out his res for 3k
  8. I can start on monday next week if You allow me to start on that date
  9. Facu aren't u digging out some 1 else's res?
  10. Of course i am so i will start next week
  11. so u would be leaving 1 site to dig out the other?
  12. I will finish this work first