hiring res digger!

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  1. Hey EMC so I have a res that needs to be dug out to layer 28. I will pay 18 stacks of glowstone for it to be done asap. Please comment below or inbox me if you are interested :) smp 7 res 14979
  2. also feel free to use beacons if you take up this job :) this is a great way to easily get 18 stacks of glowstone
  3. I can do it. i will start now and finish after school tommarrow
  4. :D i will give you perms asap. Once you are done glowstone will be at 14362. The digging is at res 14979 :)
  5. Done perms ready at 14979 :) good luck and thanks :D
  6. I also will need TNT flag
  7. Oh alright i can do that
  8. ill help if you need another person on the case.
  9. The TNT flag doesnt work :/ what is it? i used just tnt as the flag
  10. I would love it to be done by tonight so the more people the better :) you can all split payment if you like. talk to ark
  11. /res set tnt t
  12. Thanks :p
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  13. All perms are ready for you guys :)