[Hiring] Res Destroyers

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  1. Hey everyone! Some of you may know, I very much want to reset my res soon, for two reasons.
    1. I can make a bigger and better shop, and I had to improvise in parts of my old shop.
    2. School is starting in 3 weeks, I want to be able to at least get the new shop built before then.
    So, what this means I want some guys to help tear down my shop, and then give me the building blocks so I can rebuild a much cooler-looking shop. I will pay well, more than I usually would. After everything has been transported to my friend's res, I will have a grief party, although the loot might be limited. Also, it can't happen until the shop is down. Thanks for reading, if you are interested or have any questions, either PM me or respond on this thread. The res is 3794 on Smp2.
  2. I will take the job. How much are you paying to do this?