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  1. I want this farm made for me on EMC. I am not entirely sure if it will work on EMC (tick delays etc could be different on EMC).

    This farm is fairly compact versus its competitor listed here.

    I am buying wood all the time and just happen to have a surplus in bones I wont use any other way.

    This is where YOU come in, I need someone to build this thing on my Utopia res (you can choose the design I want or the design's competitor I listed either/or).

    • Must be patient, this farm has a ton of layers and the tutorial has no voice only the block placements
    • Must be trusted, I would prefer the person I am hiring to be at least 100 days old on EMC.
    • Must finish the job, I dont want you to start and say you are to bored or lazy to finish- you must build it all block by block from start to finish

    • I have the rupees, you will be payed to supply the redstone materials (the blocks I will provide as I want a certain block used)
    • Give me an approximate number it will cost you to build this in a PM with the following info:
      1. How old are you (EMC Days)
      2. Will you complete this job through and through?
    Thanks Guys! :)
  2. Build on EMC, or build and get to work on EMC?
  3. Good question, I would prefer it to build and work, but just the build is okay because I can get it to work.
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  4. Sent a PM. :)
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  5. Im going to let Kyzoy take on the job.

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