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  1. As the title states I wast a tree farm that pushed the tree into one single cube. PM me if you can do it, it MUST work with acacia.

    EDIT: It does not have to work with acacia.
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  2. What I know of that isn't possible as acacia trees dosen't grow straight. I could be wrong though.
  3. I know it is possible, I had one before I took my 8month break.
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  4. Hey amused talk to shelluser he might be able to help you out with it
  5. I might be able to help with this. PM and ill get back to after school.
  6. Bump, I have changed that it does not need to work with acacia.
  7. mine works perfect with acacia as well as every other type of tree minus dark oak
  8. i can make you one, but it only works on oak, and it eats bonemeal like mad. i have a demo if you want to see it. PM me if you want.
  9. I would like ti to work with birch, spruce, and oak at the least
  10. I could do one that works with oak, jungle, birch, and with a little design modification spruce
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  11. PM me.