[HIRING] Redstone Tech

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  2. Blimey, that will be expensive.
  3. Definetely. Materials List:

    - Redstone dust 391
    - Redstone repeater 12
    - Redstone torch 3
    - Sticky piston 122
    - Piston 191
    - Some building blocks and slabs
    This or a cheaper version is perfectly fine, as long as it removes the leaves then pushes the wood into a nice block for later harvesting.
  4. Yep, the pistons make up the bulk of the price.
    No guarantee that this will work well in servers either with all that redstone.
    But, good luck with it.
  5. Thanks for the link, I was about to begin working on JL's tree farm, but this one is a lot better. If I had free time I could help you build it, but right now I have way too many projects going. Sorry.
  6. For the wiring of the redstone, I'd recommend speaking to SpaceShuttleFan. And possibly he could get some supplies.
  7. Ill look into it, i have time on monday..

    But im NOT cheap.
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  8. Around 50k ex. Mats.

    But pm me if needed.
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  9. I'll do it for 30k.
  10. Ill bet you that without some modification this treefarm will "stuck" on multiplayer - so just a headsup, redstone creations made in singeplayer DOES need tweaking in order to work fast and without issues on multiplayer.
  11. It works fine without modification, the repeaters are spaced 2 ticks between pistons, so even with lag it works very well.
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  12. Awesome, i dont do much youtube videos im affraid, i stopped with the assumption they are useless ^^
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  13. So, who gets the job?
  14. I think Kirk went to bed or randomly AFK.

    However i have no desperate need for the rupees, so i say he should pick you :D

    (Im not very fond of doing youtube stuff anyways)
  15. Chasc, does 25k work? I'll provide al mats.
  16. Thanks, I really NEED those rupees.
    Of course, I'll begin tomorrow.
  17. There is no possible y to start today? (what time zone are you)