[Hiring] Redstone specialist to build me a super smelter

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  1. Hi all

    In my basement I started to build a super smelter but I soon got very busy and it got put off for several months. I have come to the point where I need it to be done but cannot do it myself. I already have a large amount of the chests, redstone, and furnaces needed to complete the job. (Pictures attached)

    The bottom line:

    I will pay a player who has been on for 150+ days to build my super smelter. The job needs to be done by 8:00PM Sunday night, EMC time. I will pay you half before the job is done and half after the job is done. I will supply all materials.

    Please respond below with a quick description about how often you can be on and about how long it should take you. Also, a list of the materials you will need would be VERY helpful
  2. If u'd like I would prob be able to build all day tomorrow and if its ok I would like to make something like what you have but a little different to make it more efficient. here is a link if you want to see it.

  3. Do you already have a build in mind? Youtube video or your own?
  4. If you supply the materials I can build it.