[HIRING]Redstone Expertise Again...

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  1. I recently built this 3x3 door on my utopia res (who wants a normal door when you can have this...).

    It does not cascade correctly. I am offering 5000r for someone to fix. Job is first come first serve, all materials provided. :)
  2. I can fix it tell me were it is and when I can help
  3. /v 5044


    I am on atm, but wont be for much longer.
  4. I can do this as I am one of the most skilled on EMC.
  5. Im on Utopia right now if you hop on.
  6. as says in your signature...
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  7. Not right now I am trying not to make noise as I don't want to wake up my parents.
  8. Since my clicking makes noise yes they could possibly wake up from that.
  9. Yes you are correct!
  10. lol. *click* *parents wake up*
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  11. I can do it if you wish, Stew =)
  12. Be my guest if you can figure it out, something about the double extender not grabbing the blocks is broke on EMC timings.
  13. I have a 3x3 door on my res 9398 smp4 if you want to see it.:D
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.