[HIRING] Redstone Expert

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  1. I am looking for someone who is rather good at redstone. I have built a machine that is suppose to have 10 different output selections. You 1 of the 10 buttons and that output is turned on whilst the others remain off. This is also connected to an LCD display. The designer of the mechanism has provided a world save, so I have a copy of that.

    I have already built this, however my redstone wiring is off because it is not functioning properly whatsoever.

    If you would like to be hired to help me fix this, please post here or PM me and we can work something out.
  2. Contact Rdmaster. He is AMAZING with redstone.
  3. What about stephan9r9r? He is OK with redstone.
  4. Sorry I couldn't help out earlier. I couldn't have helped with this anyway though. :p
  5. Try sephirothws, if he is still playing
  6. He is, but hes playing on a mates whitelisted private. Im on it too
  7. Do you mean a last detector/selector? I could try to help you out if so.
  8. I could definitely help out if you want me to, would just need the world save so I could inspect it, and then deal with the wiring on your res. ... Provided it isn't on SMP7 or Utopia.
  9. It is on smp1 if your up for it
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  10. Yo Rob, my pride and joy in Minecraft is that I'm awesome with redstone pick me!
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  11. Ill meet you there now. :)
  12. Contact OrangePie123 he is amazing he built a tv once in front of my eyes
  13. I can get on now with alternate acc. You on?
  14. No no no! The correct person for this job would have to be PThagaard. he is the best with redstone! :D
  15. Sure, when would you be available?

    I'm going to be busy for the rest of the day today, but could work with you for a few hours tomorrow morning.