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    I am in need of a very proficient Redstone Engineer to build me a specific device. It is relatively small and I have already put in a decent amount of time tinkering with it, so all in all it shouldn't take too long to build IF you know your Redstone. Please note: I am NOT interested in hiring someone who needs to look up similar devices on youtube and duplicate them.

    I don't want to discuss the specifics on this thread because the end product will be used for an upcoming event / game I am designing. However, I can say that it involves sticky pistons and levers, and the activation / deactivation of said pistons and levers.

    If you feel like you have a few hours to devote to helping me design this game, I would be very appreciative and give you partial credit on the Redstone and also compensate you for your time with rupees. There is not a specific deadline for this project, however I would like it to be completed sooner than later.

    Only serious applicants need apply by responding to the thread and I will contact you in game. Thank you so much for your time!

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  2. I can do it once I finish the current service I am performing for Beacon171 just PM me the details and we will discuss pricing and planning.
  3. It won't take long for me to finish the current project I am doing just give me about a week and I can help you with whatever you need. :)
  4. If I can help, PM me :) No payment necessary.
  5. Well he is a good friend of mine and I am getting paid far enough from the current project I guess I can do it for free too and the 3 of us can work on it. :)
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  6. Wasn't trying to upstage you. I just don't need to be paid to help a friend. :)
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  7. If neither of these nubs can help solve your problem, I'll lend you a hand for no extra fee.
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  8. lol, ok great, thanks for the response so far. Like I said, there is no deadline. I will get with you all in game when I see you next. thanks!
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