[HIRING] Redstone Builder

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  1. Hey all, I need a build from a youtube world download transferred to EMC. :)


    This build will be on Utopia- which also makes redstoning easier IMO. I am willing to pay a substantial amount b/c this farm doesnt have a tutorial, just a world dl.

    Materials will be provided for the hired individual.

    Payment will be discussed privately.

    • Access to Utopia town is a must.
    • You must be 200 days old on EMC
    • Must work hard, I dont want a half done project. (Payment is upon full completion)

    PM me with any questions or if you think I missed anything on this thread. Thanks!

    I put the world in 1.9 and it works w/o issue
  2. Have you thought about using schematica to copy an outline of the build to EMC? If not, then I could do this easily for you.
  3. That.. is a good idea... for the person I hire. :)
  4. I could do it for you.
  5. Send me a PM and we can talk. :)
  6. I would be willing to do this for you :)
  7. 2 things - 1. built this one before and it didn't quite work as advertised. 2. Don't forget to fill the furnace (you'll see)
  8. witherdoggie got the job, first came first served. thanks all!!