[HIRING] Redstone Builder

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  1. Hey all, I need a build from a youtube world download transferred to EMC. :)


    This build will be on Utopia- which also makes redstoning easier IMO. I am willing to pay a substantial amount b/c this farm doesnt have a tutorial, just a world dl.

    Materials will be provided for the hired individual.

    Payment will be discussed privately.

    • Access to Utopia town is a must.
    • You must be 200 days old on EMC
    • Must work hard, I dont want a half done project. (Payment is upon full completion)

    PM me with any questions or if you think I missed anything on this thread. Thanks!

    I put the world in 1.9 and it works w/o issue
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  2. Have you thought about using schematica to copy an outline of the build to EMC? If not, then I could do this easily for you.
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  3. That.. is a good idea... for the person I hire. :)
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  4. I could do it for you.
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  5. Send me a PM and we can talk. :)
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  6. I would be willing to do this for you :)
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  7. 2 things - 1. built this one before and it didn't quite work as advertised. 2. Don't forget to fill the furnace (you'll see)
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  8. witherdoggie got the job, first came first served. thanks all!!
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