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  1. I am new to the empire ... And i am trying to open a store .. I am very busy ... I have an infinite villager that i need to use to get emerald .. I just have no time ... I would like to hire someone to do it . but I am unsure of what to pay , if people are trust worthy enough ect ect . .. And do i need more then one Infinite villager?? ( I made him myself and it took awhile to get him 100% correct :p ) ... Any advice would be great :) Thanks
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  2. You shouldn't need more than one villager. The only benefit of having more than one is that you don't need to wait for the trading bubbles to disappear, because you can just move on to the next villager while the one before it resets. Basically, multiple villagers will be faster, but they aren't a necessity. :)
  3. Yeah and if need someone to help you with it I know how to work with infinite villagers I had like 3 jobs for doing that:)
  4. What was your average pay and for how much work ... I am still setting up a few thing but i definitely need help with him in the next day or two
  5. Well I'll do 200r when I get 4 stacks of emeralds from the villager if thats ok
  6. I think i set everything up properly for you (my first time hiring someone ) I am on Utopia 5298 if you wanna check and make sure signs and flags are correct .. when you tp there . in the brick building on your right is a teleport to village ... then you will see every thing ... i dont know if you want payment before or after .... so when ever you have free time let me know :)
  7. Sorry on left in the brick building not the right ... blonde moment ;)
  8. I can do payment after :D
  9. are u kiddin I always have free time :p
  10. ok i think i fixed it .. i thought i was messaging you but i was typing /chat instead of /tell .. i feel like a noob ...lol