[Hiring] Quartz Ore Miners!

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  1. Hey! So i need quarts miners for my shop, and im always running out of quartz. you must mine the quarts with a silk touch pickaxe (I will supply you one)

    Price Per Ore:
    1-5 Stacks - 17r Per ore
    6-12 stacks - 18r Per Ore
    12 stacks+ - 19r Per ore

    What Equipment I will Supply You With:
    Pickaxe (Silk touch, Efficiency 4, Unbreaking 3)
    Full Set of diamond armour (you must provide 6 stacks+ to get armour)
    5 Fire resistance potions (8 mins)

    If you just want to sell me your quarts ore feel free to just Pm me!

    Thanks! :D