[ HIRING ] Pixel Artists

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  1. I am looking for extreme pixel artists to make me a blaze ( with the smoke) and a enderman(with the particles) I will supply the wool and such, so im paying 450r for this job...
  2. 250r....?
  3. i think 250r is a little even if your supplying the wool and other materials depending on the size of the art 250r will buy nothing but a amateur pixel artist and even they will want more. maybe you could work it out 250+ an hour to get a good artist
  4. I'll do it for 300
  5. to make TWO blazes with the smoke particles and such, id do it for 500 plus 5r for every minute it takes
  6. Changed it to 450r
  7. Thts fine can u pot pic of wht u want?
  8. shanx for the mistake it was a ENDERman and blaze :p
  9. I'll do the enderman r u looking for the whole body? Or just the head?
  10. The whole body please...
  11. I might be able to do it. You want it 3-D or 2-D?
  12. what res the netehr one
  13. 3-D plz

    Yes :p
  14. i might be able to make it probably not i can make pixel art but probably cant make this plus the pay is very little...
  15. Moved it to 600r. Good enough for u?