Hiring people to help dugout my res.

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  1. Hey guys you can read it in the title. I already have jjsizzle working for me who will get 30k when finished. If I have 2 workers they will both get 15k then 10k when I have 3 workers and so on. The res is already partially dug out. Just post here if u want to help. I provide shovels which are usually eff4 unbreaking 3
  2. Why dont you use tnt?
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  3. I have I spent 20k on TNT already
  4. Ill do it if you provide shovels... I will put all the money toward prizes for the survival games competition I am hosting. I will dig on gearmaster08.
  5. Sounds good can i set up the stuff tomorrow? Sorry I'm on my ipad and I don't have time today. There is about a single chest of diamond shovels ATM that I will enchant.
  6. Ok sounds good ill get on tomorrow at about 3:00PM MDT after school. what res on what SMP?
  7. ill provide the shovels for mehself :)
  8. oh you'll provide them... ty
  9. so each of us get 10k?
  10. Yep! It's at res 4001 on smp2 ill set up the sign tommorrow for access to the shovel chest.
  11. click this! |
  12. I'd like to help also
  13. alright well i will get the chests set up
  14. I can't get on until 5:00 or so EST tonight
  15. alright all you guys have perms and access to shovels at 4001. start going!
  16. thats ok jacob
  17. Need 1more ?