[HIRING] People for BBE

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  1. Currently looking for someone to build a maze :D List will be updated when needed
  2. I can how big?
  3. Well I want it fairly big, it can be 60x60 but minimum 30x30. Also multiple layers would be good. Will pay accordingly
  4. Ok I can do that. Do you have a res you want it on? Also what materials? Will you supply?
  5. Res number: 11621
    You name a material and I'll get you some
  6. Would it be okay with you if I used an algorithm to generate a maze? I can draw it out by hand but that would take a while. Also I think wool would be a good material.
  7. As long as its got a good few dead ends to place the chests in. Also if its not multifloored then can you make the corriders more than one block wide. Cheers
  8. The algorithm I'm using can do 41x41 with 10 floors