[HIRING ONCE AGAIN] Automatic Tree Farm

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  1. I want to hire someone to make me a tree farm exactly like this one:


    On my 3rd res. You supply materials, and whoever does this will be paid 15K if it works and I am satisfied. Also I need your experience with redstone and a few pictures of your redstone creations is required. Can be 1 can be 10 can be 100.
  2. I have this at my 4th I could set this up for you if ya wanted ;)
  3. Okay, just tell me your experience and some pics of your redstone creations of some sort, including the farm, thank you :)
  4. I didn't think I'd need any pics of my creations when I set my own one up but when I am able to hope on I'll take some pics and stuff I'm currently on mobile ;)
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  5. Okay, when you get on EMC please take pictures of your redstone farms/buildings/creations :)
  6. Bump! Nathan dropped out so I need another one!
  7. All honesty. Watch and pause the video, build it yourself.

    This design is easy, and he notes the changes that need to be made in the description. Have put in 4 of them spread throughout smp6.

    One thing to mention - you are offering 10k payment, but the materials needed are valued at roughly 4700 in themselves, so that may be hindering your hiring process.
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  8. Thank you for this input. I am a little lazy and I find this a little hard for me since I am not really any good at making original redstone creations. Which I really wanna do. And yeah the price is hindering it so It rose it up to 15K.
  9. Bump it upupup!
  10. i could build this
  11. Pictures of your redstone builds? Any experience with redstone?
  12. smp9 19116 im also captaincrafts redstone mechanic and know alot about it
  13. Good enough. I need supplies from you, and I will give you build when I see you at my third res. Thanks so much!!!
  14. btw forgot to ask is this build 1.8 compatible some of the tree farms i have seen arent
  15. I believe so. Ask chrisflareon he has this same one on his residence. Ask him to see it in auction.