Hiring on smp8

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by DOTD1997, May 15, 2012.

  1. I'm planning on completely redoing my casino. From 20x10 to 60x60. I need someone to go mining for 5 stacks of coal, and a stack of iron. 64x5 = 384 x 2 = 768r for the coal. I'll round to 800r.

    5 x 64 = 384r for iron. i'll round to 400r.

    1,200r for the person who does this. I'll even pay more if they get done within the day. Maybe 2k?

    I also need a glass supplier. 40r per stack and need about 4 stacks.

    64 x 4 = 256r. I'll pay 300r for it. You can earn a total of 2.3k rupees in a day. (I'm on smp8.)

    post here if you want job. I'll post who gets (obviously first person) and then the hired person will be payed upon giving items.
  2. I can supply you with alot of Charcoal (probs 5 stacks)