[Hiring] Nether Tunnel [Pay 100,000r]

Discussion in 'Player Jobs Available' started by Oasis_Co, Aug 11, 2019.

  1. Looking for 1 person to Instant break out roughly 380,000 nether rack in my nether tunnel. Dig pattern will be like this ( sea lanterns )

    Image here

    I will supply all the needed Pickaxes and potions

    Swiftness (8:00)
    Fire protection (8:00)

    Efficiency 3
    Unbreaking 3

    Job pays 100,000r First person to agree to it gets the job. Payment on Completion of the whole job.
    Because this job is such a large paying job, I require a mediator for this transaction along with any issues or changes in the agreement to be made through a PM with Mod's included to mediate everything.
  2. I'll do it
  3. Pming "contract" jclarson.