[Hiring] Need a worker

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  1. Hi EMC, I am looking for a good trustworthy hard working person to help me build and collect resources. At the moment I have a tree farm that needs tending to (cutting, replanting etc.) but if I get to trust this worker they can come and work at my outpost too.
  2. 500r an hour if working well
  3. The worker will see me there to since I'm now working with xothis_dwarf.
  4. What smp are you on?
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  5. Smp4
  6. I might be up for helping...I can maybe do like an hour at a time so I can keep working on my res's :)
  7. ok I'll give you build perms on my 2nd res please harvest and replant the trees and then put all spare saplings or apples in a chest please I'm thinking maybe paying per stack instead of hour because I have no way of knowing whether you do 1 hour. So can you just sell to me on a chest shop
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  8. okie dokie
  9. how many stacks do you think you would get in an hour?
  10. ok set up
  11. Do you provide the axes? If so, I'm a fast harvester and might be interested...
  12. not positive but i am heading there now i will see what i can get done :) ill let you know.
  13. I can provide iron axes but Damiensmom11 is my main person doing this
  14. bumpzzz!!!