[Hiring] Mob Grinder Build, Pay varies from 1k to 15k

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  1. Job: Build a Mob Grinder in the Frontier
    Location: at least 6k blocks in any direction away from outposts
    Mob Grinder Type: Seek me out for approval before commencing build
    Preferred Mob to farm: Any; I'm looking for xp more than mobs

    How to apply: Respond to this post or find me on SMP1, friend requests allowed too.
    Pay will vary based on how efficient the mob grinder is; the prettier and/or efficient it is, the better the pay will be. My available funds total 50k.

    Make sure to place markers or remember where the location is.

    I can also pay in items.

    I will also supply you the materials needed if desired.

    Thanks for considering this, I tried paying someone to make a mob grinder one time but it didn't work out, and I tried making one myself but four hours later and I still have no results.

    [If this post violates any potential rules, please inform me and I will make edits as needed.]
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  2. If you are still looking I can build you a mob grinder