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  1. The Mercenary Co. is HIRING mercenaries!!! To become a mercenary, you must be kind, skilled in all needs, and honest. That means no cheating people out of money, no new people (at least 3 monthes of owning minecraft) and no rudeness to customers. You must have some items: diamond chestplate, and a bow. Payment is 25 rupees per week, plus an extra 25 per person you help. The payment goes to Xert77_jr! If you don't have money paid to xert77_jr. YOU WILL BE KICKED OUT! Mercenaries get a bonus flint n steel for their first person helped. They're will be an employee of the month, who gets a bonus 500 rupees (or 100 rupees depending on amount owner has) and gains a diamond! These are prices for services


    defender in wastes=300 rupees
    defender in nether=400 rupees
    hunter for food=100 rupees +half price for item
    Collecter for items=50 rupees +half price for item

    Reply in thread for interests, then come to pokadotpuppy03's plot

    Don't delay, Hire today!
  2. Welcome to emc. Good luck in your venture
  3. i would like to be in this event / guild??
  4. well then, come to pokadotpuppy03's plot, and come to cafe, (btw, the employee of month dosent happen till 5 employees)
  5. Please PM me more information on this. (No offense) but I felt like some details were left out and everything seemed kind of choppy. I'm interested though :)
  6. what exactly would you like to know? im open for any questions :)
  7. 25r a week >.>, I can get way more from voting for one day...
  8. Can I answer you in a PM so we don't spam this thread?