[Hiring] Mass Tree Production Event

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  1. Hey everyone! Very soon, I will need like a lot of wood, so I'm setting up a mass tree production event for the community. The rupees you will make at this event will be the easiest rupees you make on EMC. Here's the info:
    Where: Res 3794, Smp2
    When: Saturday, time will be sometime in the EST afternoon.
    Pay: 35 r per stack brought in, Oak logs only 30 r per stack.
    Materials: Iron Axes will be provided, it's up to you whether you want bring something better in.
    Thank you for reading! I need a lot of help with this, and this is a pretty easy way to make rupees.
  2. Bumpers! Please respond if you have an interest in this, that way I know who to pay.
  3. Sounds cool! Ill be there!
  4. I got a heap of wood