[Hiring] Manager for /v 1112 mall - Faith Inc.

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  1. Hello everyone. I am finding a new person to manage the /v 1112 mall on SMP1. I wish to put my time into something else than stocking and running a mall daily. Managing this mall will involve stocking, selling and buying things. You are going to own all the shop signs in the mall, and be the manager of it. I will still own the place, but all payments via shop signs will go straight into your pocket. The current stock at 1112 will stay in the chests as a sort of start package for the one I choose to become the manager of the place. There is around 300-400k in materials in stock when you get the mall, but you are expected to begin stocking right away. I will make an application via Google Drive that everyone that has interest in this must fill out. There is no such thing as "You know I am capable, I am not bothering making that apply"

    The mall is currently selling everything, except enchantments and rare items. You are required to have at least 200 days or more on the Empire to be a part of this, so if you are not DO NOT apply.
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  2. Sounds cool! I am applying!

    EDIT: Do we have to restock the place?
  3. As I said, you will start with a fair amount of stock (what I have) and immediately you will start refilling stuff and keeping it in stock :)
  4. Ok. I just applied. Am I the first entry?
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  5. I don't think I am the best man for the job. Something has come up IRL. I probably won't be able to help you. Really sorry. But there will be plenty of other people to help you! I am sorry.
  6. I'll apply faith so basicly I stock for u but do I buy the stock for do u give it to me
    I'm a little confused on what the job is plz explain it better to me I've been on 250+ days and know slit of good stocking co
  7. You own all shop sigsn - You have container access - I have nothing to do with the manager part of 1112.
  8. Lol just read the post a few more times over and i would love to apply
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  9. Anything else I need to know about this like a base amount of rupees I need cause I got 20k with vote bonus 50 coming up
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  10. I might as well apply
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  11. I would apply, but I've got my own mall to run so for the best of Faith's mall and mine. I'm only able to dedicate my time to one to make it the best that it can be.
  12. You may want to change the ban question to not being mandatory. It wouldn't let me leave it empty like you asked.
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  13. I might pick a manager tonight, thanks for all the great applications! Please don't wait applying, if yuo want the job, apply - NOW!
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  14. Aw this is exactly what i wanted to do :( but im not 200 days </3