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  1. As some of you know, I tend not to stay in one place too long. It is project to project,as I get bored quickly. Shannon, for whatever reason, puts up with it and act as my co-builder on my projects, which means we have little to no time to run what we have already built. This is a problem, as plans go unfinished and lots go neglected. What I want, is domebody who will look after my interests for me when I cannot.

    You will be paid weekly, have appropriate flags to the need of the specific lot and, depending on the lot, be allowed to open a shop in the desginated area/earn extra income from it. Any and all building on the lot must be approved by either me or shannon, and we talk on a daily basis, so you won't be able to lide anything past us :p

    This position comes with a lot of scrutiny, since you will be one of 3 people who have extra flags, and aany unwanted building or destruction will likely be placed on your shoulders.

    If interested, please Contact me with an application. Salary and extra details will be given there:


    Name: (Real life. We go by first name basis if we are going to work closely. Not required if you dont want to)

    Age: (Required)

    Time playing the game:


    Home Server: (You will be expected to spend quite some time working on our residences each week)

    Anything else you want us to know:

    Thank you for any interest ;)
  2. Derp. Yea, what he said.
  3. Go away shannon.
  4. With that attitude, she wont help you much longer.
  5. You mad bro? :rolleyes:
  6. After you left me to die in super hostile last night? >.>
  7. Listen here bub. You may have had your face brutally mauled by a spider...but in my defense, I'm allergic.
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  9. *hiding behind a wall as I die* I'm sorry Nerone, i TRIED to help you >.>
  10. Or better yet

    "Hey, when you get here dont touch that stove"

    *Waits till I get there. Touchs stove. Kills us both.*

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  11. I did try to help...you should of seen it. In my head, I was grabbing that thing by its legs, tossing it around, beating it up. It was great. I was a big hero.
  12. That was totally intentional. It had the exact effects that I both expected and desired. . . But yea guys! We need people to sign up! :p
  13. Sounds.... Interesting. I could always apply. Yet as I am planning to build something importantish, it may not be a good idea..... I could send over a couple guys though.
  14. Name: Nick
    Age: 16
    Time playing the game: beginning of alpha 1.2
    References: not sure what you mean't by this if you message me back with what you mean i will tell you
    Home Server: smp4
    Anything else you want us to know: im a nice person i like to work with other people, after may 15 i will be home almost constantly from 3-10 a clock. i will gather and farm if needed. i listen very well and don't back talk to i think i would be a good choice to help you guys
  15. A reference! Meaning, any higher power or well known member that says you are trustworthy and WON'T do a naughty no no (grief).
  16. Naughty no no.
  17. Name:




    Time playing the game:

    I've been playing MC for about a year.
    I've been playing on the EMC for about a week or so.


    I do not have any at this current time, but I'm sure with time, I can provide some.

    Home Server:

    SMP 6

    Anything else you want us to know:

    Well, I pay attention to detail. I to like many projects, but given something to aim for, I believe I can provide top notch work, and reliable communication. :)

  18. Looks cool :p Though quite frankly, I found the argument more interesting XD
  19. Look at you getting all fancy. Very pretty application. :)
  20. Lol. Thank you. :)