[HIRING] Looking for Talented House Builder

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  1. Looking for Talented House Builder

    • The house I want done is in the link provided
    • I am willing to pay big bucks!
    • Serious Builders only please!
    • I am SMP9 most of the time
    • If you want to take on the task or have any questions, PM or Find me on SMP9 and lets talk
    • I only want the house itself to be made, Not the big trees
    • LINK to HOUSE: http://www.planetminecraft.com/project/rellik-manor/
  2. Oh that's beautiful. I'd definitely be interested in doing something like that. That's a wee bit larger scale than previous builds, but helpful to have reference picks. Would love it if you'd consider me! One of my larger homes is on my second res. Nothing to this scale, but I'm capable.
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  3. its 76 long, 82 wide, and 106 high :p
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