[Hiring] Lava Collectors for my shop

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  1. Jossy's Lava Shop, located on smp7 at /v 14129, is "expanding" and I need one or two people who can regularly get me lava...I need at least 20DCs per person a day. If chosen you will have a spot on my fourth res to place the lava as you collect it. I will pay 15r per bucket so that's 810r per DC and 16,200r a day! (if you meet the 20DCs per day quota) I will NOT supply buckets you will have to yourself you can buy iron at MrColt45 res he has very affordable iron and is where I get some of my iron from. If you cannot afford it in the beginning I will be able to give you a DC of buckets to start with but after that you will have to get the iron for the buckets yourself.

    If interested please post here or message me. You have to be able to work at least 4 days a week (Monday-Thursday would be great) I'll be offline most weekends until the summer so working weekdays would be preferable. Please only reply or message me if you are serious and can regularly work for me. I'm not looking for someone who will only be able to collect lava once and leave xD
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  2. are you giving the buckets?
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  3. If you're providing the buckets I might do it, need some extra rupees for... science.
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  4. I have updated the original post. I will only provide the first dc of buckets IF you cannot afford to buy them yourself. After that you will have to buy/collect the iron yourself I suggest buying iron from MrColt45 he is very affordable and is where I buy from when I run out of iron/buckets.
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  5. I might not find enough iron, but if the iron costs more than the rupees recieved, I will have to quit. But I can give you a sc in ten minutes when i have the time. meaning if I am ever on for more ten minutes, and you would like me to, I can bring you a sc or a dc.
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  6. idea: access signs for "staff" only on the sign ex. you hired krysyy and aikar and SirTah, the sign would look like this


    if you have more than three employees, up to three signs could fit on one door. inside that room, you could have 40dc and each employee can sell you as much as they desire for 18r a bucket they could sell. that way, people would feel more confident giving you thier work when they recieve payment imediatly
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  7. Iron won't cost more than what I'm paying you and yeah I'm putting up chests in my fourth res for employees it's not finished yet but it should be done soon :) ...I'll message you now with more info
  8. You may already do this, but a thought is that you simply set up some chests to accept sale of lava buckets to yourself for even a slightly lower price per than those you wish to hire. so say offer 12-13 r per bucket if they are selling to you. That way you can crowd source perhaps more people whom will spend less time doing this.

    I know from experience making obsidian in bulk, that it takes about an hour and a half to collect about 20 DC's of lava.

    That is of course knowing what your doing, I mean for me to fill an order of obsidian is 64 DC's of lava so I've had some experience to do it real quick.

    I can't offer an hour and a half of my time every day to fulfill something like this, but given that may be the case for most is why I suggesst you consider the other way in addition to finding some people?
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  9. Yeah I'm in the process of doing this..I'm really busy right now irl so it's gonna take a lil bit for me to set up a spot for this but one day, hopefully soon, I will have a spot where anyone can sell to me :)
  10. You can now just sell lava buckets at my shop :) ...I'm still looking for someone who is interested in working "full-time" for me though msg me if interested :D