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  1. Hello everyone,
    So, as the title reads, I am hiring a landscaper/s.
    My mall, on SMP8, is looking pretty empty outside, so I am looking for someone to design an awesome outdoor landscape! As you can see in the pic, there are currently chests and stuff there, when designing please ignore these, as I will be getting rid of them soon! Also, in your design you can choose whether the fountains I have stay or not!
    You can view this area, at /v +H24, SMP8 (No, the mall is not finished).
    If you are interested and have some ideas, reply to the thread, catch me in game or PM me!
    I would like if the design was created on single player, and you gave me the download.
    *You do not have to build it, just design it*
    Here is a photo:
    Note: It is only the front of the mall!
  2. I am no longer requiring a landscaper, going to get staff to lock.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.