[Hiring] Landscaper for Lavish Garden [Hitman Industries]

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  1. Hitman Industries: Lavish Garden Project

    I have three residences that I would like a lavish garden setting built upon, two residences are connected together and the third is off to one side of the main residence. Road connections will not need to be built as I will take care of them myself. It will not be required to keep the theme of the main building as I want the builder to have as much creative freedom as possible.

    Materials will be provided, as well as a generous payment upon acceptable completion of the project.

    If you wish to apply for the job I will need to see examples of your building capabilities, either provide a residence number for me to explore or send detailed screenshots directly to me on the forums via PM.

    There will be a loose timetable for this project, but I expect it to take the builder no longer than two weeks to complete the project.

    I will choose the builder in the next week based on several design factors, once selected I will inform the builder of the details and limitations of the build as well as the completion payment.

    All residences are on SMP5
    The main residence for this project: 10776
    The residences to be built upon are: 10668, 10775, 10774

    **NOTICE** This is meant to be a project based on creativity and vision which is why I will not discuss the monetary aspect of the project with anyone except the intended builder.
  2. Sent you a pm
  3. I will review and add your name to the list.
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  4. I'm interested in this. I've been getting better at landscaping recently but sadly I don't have too many examples
  5. Still looking for more landscapers.