[HIRING] Junkyard Cleaner

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    So uh, yea. My res looks like a dump with all those chests, but I dont feel like moving them all, So I want to hire one of you to do it! What you will be doing is taking fresh new chests I supply you with, place them underground, and move all the items from above ground to underground.
    300+ days on EMC
    Trusted member
    Willing to do the job until it is finished.
    20,000 Rupeez. :)
    PM me if you want this... fun... amazing.. terrific.. job. :p
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  2. why 300+days. I am very trustworthy and loyal, yet i have only been on less than 200 days.
  3. man, you're junk yard looks like a dump! ;)
  4. Oh, that res? I could do it, but the underground area needs to have been pre-dug. Is categorizing necessary?
  5. Worker has been found, may a moderator please close this thread? :)