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  1. I have just about finished the "house" section of my res and am looking to hire a designer for the interior. I could do it myself but I'm busy with my mall right now and need to get it up very soon. The apartment consists of 2 floors, one base floor at ground level and one second floor.

    The res is designed to look rich and modern as well as professional, I have gone for a quartz design with lots of natural light through the massive white stained glass windows.

    So far on the ground level I have 2 fountains, but that's really it. On the second floor there is nothing yet. My res is /v 18467 on SMP9.

    So if you are interested please reply here or PM me. I will be supplying materials, and we can work out a price


    EDIT: Here are some updated pics of the areas that need finishing

  2. I would be able to do it but before I would start I would need to ask a few basic questions
  3. U could look at my service cause I build but interior is also one of my areas of talent I could do it for more info on or right in yn service Or contact me In-game
  4. Please do

    Ok I'll check it out
  5. Please don't double post :)

    I might be happy to do some interior designing for you.
  6. Sorry!

    And ok, you can just walk over to my res lol
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  7. Wrong thread
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  8. I love doing interior, if you want to see examples of my work, you can go to my 4th res on smp9
  9. Ok I think you might have gotten the job XD

    Here are some pics regardless