[HIRING] Hotel/Mega-Mall Managers

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Which is Better (on EMC) Hotels or Shops?

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  1. Hello my fellow emc'ers

    The title says it all i'm looking for people to employ as mega-mall managers.
    EDIT: I'm no longer employing hotel managers!

    The Reason Behind This

    When I decided I wanted to open some services on EMC the thing that I thought of first was mega malls. If you didn't know I live on SMP3, although its a nice server, it is a bit quiet so me opening a mega mall on just SMP3 would most likely be a waste of time and money. Then i had a brainwave, if I have a mega mall and hotel on EVERY SERVER it would mean that I would get more money and all emc player would have a place to buy blocks/items. But this plan had just one flaw, even by purchasing diamond supporter I wouldn't have enough residences to cover all the servers... This is where you come in!

    What You Need To Supply

    All Flags for IronicSwordPlay one residence (I will be building the Mega-Mall/Hotel Design).
    One residence on any of these servers:
    SMP1 Megamall = No Manager
    SMP2 Megamall = No Manager
    SMP3 Megamall = Manager:IronicSwordPlay
    SMP4 Megamall = No Manager
    SMP5 Megamall = No Manager
    SMP6 Megamall = No Manager
    SMP7 Megamall = No Manager
    SMP8 Megamall = No Manager
    SMP9 Megamall = No Manager
    Utopia Megamall = Manager:IronicSwordPlay

    Your Duties

    Mega Mall Manager:

    Check Stock Levels
    Restock Shops
    Report To IronicSwordPlay Once A Month On Sales

    Your Payment

    Mega Mall Manager:

    Any Rupees From 90% Of Mega-Mall Shops

    Employee Discounts

    Any employees receive 50% off on ANY Ironic-Sword Inc products/services.

    Applying From The Job

    To apply for this position Fill out the order form below:

    Job Title:
    Server That Residence Is On:
    Residence Address:
    Will You Follow EMC + Company Rules?:
    Have You Ever Been Kicked/Banned From EMC?:
    If So Why?:

    I Hope to hear from you Soon

    Yours Truly


    CEO of Ironic-Sword Inc.
  2. RE: Mall

    So.. basicaly, you will build a mall for a player on their res, and you get 10% of sales?
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  3. Yes that why i'm manger of two of the mall so i can get some money on my own.
  4. Job Title: manager
    Server That Residence Is On: smp1
    Residence Address: 2026
    Will You Follow EMC + Company Rules?: yes
    i've never been banned or kicked out of emc
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  5. That is a bit hard to do...considering in the OP you are saying you are doing it for money :/ i mean there is a mega mall on every server now so why not do like 1 or 2 servers maybe
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  6. To be honest if i don't get enough people i'll stick to the servers I've got mangers for. Really I just want a mega for SMP3 and utopia ALL the other servers are a bonus :)
  7. There is already 2 well-managed ones on smp3 and they seem to hold stock well...utopia needs one for though so I defenitely support the utopia one ;)
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  8. Job Title: Mall Manager
    Server That Residence Is On: smp4
    Residence Address: 8294
    Will You Follow EMC + Company Rules?: yes
    Have You Ever Been Kicked/Banned From EMC?: no
    If So Why?: N/A
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